Old American Outlet Store

The Leading Auction House in Mechanicsburg, OH

Bargain hunters, pickers, antique collectors, and overs of unique items are sure to adore the Old American Outlet Store! Our auction house is due for a grand opening in March of 2022. Stay tuned because we will be offering you amazing deals on a wide range of goods and wares at wholesale auctions, liquidations, online events, and flea markets. Some auctions and our flea markets will be held in store at our auction house in Mechanicsburg, OH, while some events will also be held online. You can stay up to date with all our latest events and sales by signing up for our newsletter. Drop by our store, email us for details or get in touch with our team via this website!

About the Old American Outlet Store

The Old American Outlet Store is a locally owned and operated family-owned business dedicated to offering our customers great deals on a wide variety of ever-changing goods. Our aim is to offer wholesale auctions and flea markets during the spring, summer, and fall. The store was founded to fill a need to bring high quality goods at an affordable price and to provide a space for local crafters and collectors to sell their goods and wares. The Old American Outlet Store is not a franchise model operation and is deeply involved with the local community in Mechanicsburg, OH, and the surrounding areas.

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Old American Outlet Store